Bjay Johnstone’s grandmother Hellen Dykstra arrives at the inquest on Thursday.AN EMAIL telling the Health Department baby Bjay Johnstone was being abused sat in departmental inboxes for more than a day before reaching Child Protection in the North-West.

By then, the Railton baby had received further injuries and was in hospital, an inquest into his death heard on Thursday morning.

Bjay’s grandmother, Hellen Dykstra, told the inquest, in Devonport, she sent the email via the department’s website on the morning of November 1, 2012.

Crown counsel Paul Turner said Ms Dykstra sent the email at 9.57am, and it reported concern about Bjay and injuries he had, including a black eye and bruising.

Ms Dykstra at 10.44am that morning posted on Facebook: ” … I have a funny feeling about today.”

”Something is going to happen.”

She confirmed to Mr Turner that meant she expected something to happen in relation to the email.

Mr Turner established the email was sent to the department’s general inquiries inbox, and that Ms Dykstra had not used the section where child abuse could be reported directly to Child Protection by email, or used the emergency and notification phone numbers on the website.

When Mr Turner said nothing happened because she did not use the other methods listed on the department’s website, Ms Dykstra said: ”I wondered why they never responded.”

She went on to give evidence she and Bjay’s mother, Fleur Atkin, took the boy to hospital on the afternoon of the next day after they noticed a problem with his eyes.

Mr Turner said the email was forwarded to Child, Youth and Family Services early in the afternoon of the day after it was sent by Ms Dykstra.

Late that afternoon, Mr Turner said, it was forwarded to Child Protection in the North-West.

Bjay died from his injuries, aged 45 days.

Ms Dykstra had given evidence Bjay’s father, Simon Johnstone, would hurt him.

Earlier in the inquest, she labelled Mr Johnstone a baby killer.