Seven have announced their new dating show Kiss Bang Love, where contestants will kiss – and potentially sleep with – suitors on national TV. Photo: Supplied Sam Frost and Sasha Mielczarek in the finale of The Bachelorette, one of the biggest ratings hits of 2015. Photo: Ten

Farmer Wants a Wife will be back on Nine in 2016, starring former Married at First Sight farmer Lachlan McAleer. Photo: Supplied

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Would you watch a television show where contestants kiss and fornicate their way to love? Channel Seven certainly hopes so.

Following the huge success of Ten’s Bachelor and Bachelorette, Seven are jumping on the dating show bandwagon with a daring new program where people attempt to kiss, and sleep, their way to the perfect mate.

From the creators of Married at First Sight, the show crudely dubbed Kiss Bang Love will match 10 single ns with 15 potential suitors – translating to a lot of on-screen action.

Surprisingly, there is scientific merit behind the “provocative” new show which smacks of a strange blend of Bachelorette and Jersey Shore and was unveiled last week Channel Seven detailed plans for 2016.

According to the production company behind Kiss Bang Love, the average person kisses 15 people and has two one night stands before falling in love.

But how to make that into a program?

Over each episode, one blindfolded contestant will kiss 15 potential suitors. Most will be strangers, some will be acquaintances, and some may even be former lovers.

The top five suitors will get a second kiss, without the blindfold. From there, two people will be selected to spend a night in a luxury hotel with the contestant.

After the one-night stands, the contestant then has to choose a final suitor to take on a romantic holiday.

Forget awkward group date encounters à la The Bachelor – Kiss Bang Love promises to skip the dates and go straight to the making out.

Channel Seven is currently casting for the program – to be filmed in early 2016 – touting it as “a show designed to help single girls and guys find their perfect partner – in a very unique way”.

“Kissing is a powerful tool in our search for the right mate – but can it find love? This is your chance to find out.”

Reality dating programs are emerging as the zeitgeist of n television, with The Bachelorette emerging as one of the biggest ratings hits of 2015.

The Farmer Wants a Wife will return to Nine later this year, while Married at First Sight, The Bachelor and The Bachelorette return in 2016.